The Importance of Training in an Ever-Changing Landscape

The importance of training in an ever-changing landscape

Discover how continuous training can make a difference in the rapidly changing digital world and how to avoid scam courses.

by Elia Tessari

During the weekend of June 13-15, I had the great opportunity to attend We Make Future, an International Fair and Festival on Innovation and everything related to the digital market and professions, in Bologna.

Thanks to this event, I was able to connect with people of extraordinary value and learn from the best professionals in the industry. In fact, there were thematic stages (for example: advertising, retail, social media strategies, etc.) where industry professionals took turns every hour to give a “lesson” on a current trend.

During those days at the fair, completely out of the office, I was able to reflect on one thing: the importance of training.

Do it for yourself

In a constantly evolving scenario like the digital one, the role of the individual professional in stopping, isolating themselves, and training on current trends is of fundamental importance.

For this reason, I believe that today the challenge is not to know the new artificial intelligence tool but to have the opportunity, and above all the vision, to stop, reflect, and learn.

Learning, a word now overused in the digital world thanks to the emergence and accessibility of e-learning platforms that seem to have found the Holy Grail of digital marketing and sell it to you, the infamous scam courses.

Ignore Superficial Training

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the problem of scam e-learning is becoming a plague on our society, dismantling and overshadowing those, like some important platforms, who truly play the role of providing accessible and truthful training content.

So, always be wary of those who offer online courses at exorbitant levels and have lured you in with marketing strategies. But at the same time, stop, reflect, look back and understand how many steps you have taken so far towards your goal, train yourself, invest your time and money to go out and discover the world out there.

Because if we don’t do it ourselves, no one else will.

How important is training for you and your company?

Do you train adequately? How much time do you dedicate to training?

And as I always say: “Be your own STARTUP”.

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