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How Instagram’s New Algorithm is Changing

Instagram is introducing significant changes to its algorithm to promote original content and reduce mass reposting by pages.

by Elia Tessari

With the launch of the new algorithm, Instagram is taking a decisive step towards greater fairness in its content ecosystem. The goal is clear: to reward original content creators and put an end to the phenomenon of mass reposting. Let’s take a closer look at how these changes will impact the platform and its community.

Promotion of Original Content Creators

Instagram is making significant changes to its Reels recommendation algorithm, aimed at promoting original content creators and penalizing pages that repost others’ work without attribution.

This means that content will be evaluated based on its authenticity and originality, rather than the number of followers or reposts.

Penalization of Serial Reposters with Instagram’s New Algorithm

Instagram is taking serious action against serial reposters, those who repost others’ content without permission. With the new algorithm, these pages will be penalized and excluded from recommendations and the Explore section if they repost the same content more than 10 times in 30 days. This action aims to ensure greater authenticity and diversity of content on the platform.

The algorithm changes not only involve penalizing serial reposters but also actively promoting small content creators. Instagram will replace content from serial reposters with original content from creators in recommendations and update labels to identify who created the original content. These measures aim to ensure that creators receive the proper recognition and visibility for their work.

Instagram’s new algorithm represents a significant step towards a fairer and more authentic platform. These changes will benefit small content creators and help create a more diverse and engaging environment for all Instagram users, penalizing serial reposters.

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